Illinois renewables are facing a funding cliff
The Path to 100 Act allows solar and wind  success to continue

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The Cliff
Wind and solar development will be stopped by insufficient funding
  • Funding for new renewable energy projects will be exhausted after 2020

  • After adding thousands of jobs in 2018, industry will lose jobs in 2020-2024

  • Illinois will meet less than 1/3 of its renewable energy goals (state won't reach 25% by 2025)

  • Hundreds of renewable energy installations planned by communities, businesses, consumers and nonprofits won't be unable to move forward

The Act
Path to 100 Act (HB 2966 / SB 1781) gets Illinois back on track
  • Provides adequate funding to meet existing policy requirements

  • Avoids boom and bust by establishing stable policy for continued job growth

  • Allows shovel-ready renewable energy projects to move forward

  • Expands Illinois' Renewable Portfolio Standard to 40% by 2030
  • Creates an estimated 21,000 new jobs, $2.8 billion in new property taxes over 20 years, $1.95 billion in landowner payments over 20 years

  • Creates electric bills savings for community solar and distributed solar customers

  • Expands successful programs encouraging a diverse and equitable workforce

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