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About the Path to 100
Solar Map
New solar projects are benefitting every corner of our state - we need to keep clean energy growing. View the IL solar map here
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Fact sheet
Want to know more about the Path to 100 and the issues facing renewable energy in Illinois? 
Download a copy of the fact sheet.
Read Senate Bill 1601 and House Bill 2640 and follow their progress through the Illinois General Assembly.
Economic impact
The Path to 100 would create more than 53,000 new renewable energy jobs.

An economic impact analysis of the Path to 100 Act found that, by 2033, the legislation would result in:

  • 53,298 jobs created or supported during construction

  • 3,215 jobs created or supported annually during operations

  • $8.27 billion in increased economic output during construction

  • $571 million per year in increased economic output during operations


The analysis was conducted by Dr. David Loomis, co-founder of the Center for Renewable Energy at Illinois State University and the President of Strategic Economic Research. Read the analysis here

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